God is doing something new

“Wow.” That’s how a lot of people are describing this weekend’s SEEK Conference. The Spirit was a mainstay at each session. He just kept coming, kept speaking, as I’m sure He did for so many. That worship band is one of my favorites.

For me, it began several months ago when I was reading about A.B. Simpson’s original missions events and his vision for believers having a deeper relationship with God. I stopped for a moment to think about what I was reading and just happened to look down at a flyer that had been sitting on my coffee table for weeks — a flyer for SEEK hosted by John Stumbo and Terry Smith. It said it right on the flyer, “An Alliance Regional Deeper Life and Missions Event.”

It took on new meaning for me — in the spirit of Simpson’s intent. Not just an event to attend, but one with purpose.

One theme stood out more than any other over the span of the conference. God is doing something new. In the world, in the Church and the Alliance. The cool thing is, God has been telling me the same thing for weeks. Will we move with the Spirit or try to control what is ours?

Will we operate in the presence of God and see the same miracles currently happening in other parts of the world? When the presence of God is evident to the people we are trying to reach, evangelism becomes easy. Even the disciples weren’t catching anything until Jesus came into the picture.

At SEEK, the body of Christ came together in one place. Not because we “went to church” or had a membership there, but to seek His presence for what He is about to do.

-Pastor Andrew

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